As a native to Dallas, Jimmy Ira Carter, J.D. is a sole legal practitioner operating out of our local office. Intent on keeping our firm small, Jimmy prefers the personal, intimate feel that his offices allows him when establishing relationships with his clientele.

As a 1972 graduate of Southern Methodist University where he earned his BA in Political Science, Jimmy extended his post-graduate education by undertaking courses at the University of Dallas’ Graduate School of Management and the University of Texas in Arlington. He earned a Juris Doctor designation from Texas’s School of Law in Fort Worth.

By focusing his efforts on the area’s residents, Jimmy has gained the reputation of a respected family and divorce lawyer in the area, thanks in part to his commitment to keeping his services as affordable and family-friendly as possible. With three grown children of his own, this Texas grandfather prides himself on his ability to provide individuals and families expert-level legal counsel and guidance in family, child custody, divorce, and probate law.

Jimmy’s office is always focused on professional yet prompt service, so it has been designed so that his clients have easy access to their attorney, obtaining his advice and guidance without having to spend inordinate amounts of money or wasting time with office staff. With transparency, discretion and sympathy, Jimmy provides comprehensive legal care.

Find out more about our legal services by scheduling your own confidential consultation with Jimmy Ira Carter and discover the difference that personal attention truly makes.