Adoption Lawyers for Your Family

To our legal team, adding to or blending a family is one of the more exciting aspects of family law.

Being able to establish a child’s place within a family is a point of pride for us, and we’re happy to ensure that the legal rights of each party are protected and supported during this exciting time.

From international or foreign adoptions to the adoption of a stepchild, and even traditional domestic adoptions, our family law attorneys handle the process and legal proceedings with the privacy and discretion that adoption, in particular, requires. As Dallas’ most reliable and personable law firm, we work hard to balance the needs and desires of the parents with the expectations and requirements of the legal system.

Focusing on your family’s desires, we proudly handle the following types of adoptions:

  • Custodial adoption – Helping those who have had guardianship or legal custody of a child of more than a year to adopt that child where the birth parents have failed to pay support or have abandoned the child in question.
  • Kinship adoption – Assisting those relatives who have had that child in their physical care for more than a year to legally adopt a child as their own.
  • Second parent adoption – When the sole legal parent agrees to the adoption, we can help a second parent adopt the child in question. The cases include instances where gay or lesbian couples wish to have a child adopted by their partner.
  • Stepparent adoption – Working to help a new spouse form a legal parental relationship with a child and terminate the rights of a non-custodial parent if necessary. This other parent must not have paid support for at least a year or be proven to have abandoned the child in question in order to have their rights involuntarily terminated.

Working closely with families of all types, our adoption lawyers work to ensure that all members are secure and confident in their rights throughout the adoption process.

Don’t let this very delicate time of your family’s life be handled by just anyone. We’ll work to make sure that the proceedings are handled with care and professionalism, leaving nothing to chance. Schedule your personal and confidential adoption consultation now to find out more and to get started.