1. What Factors Determine Custody?

    If you are going through a divorce and are wondering what is going to happen when it comes to child custody, it can be hard to predict the future. However, we at Law Offices of Jimmy Carter are here to provide some clarity and keep you in the loop on what judges are looking for when it comes to maki…Read More

  2. What to Expect in Court

    Whether or not you have been in court before, a family law hearing is definitely a different experience. Do you know what to expect? What will happen during the hearing? We know that our clients who know what the hearing process is like and what they are going into will feel better about the hearing…Read More

  3. Who Gets Custody FAQs

    When going through a divorce, we know that you have enough on your plate. You need to deal with the house, the cars, and worst of all, the custody of your children. Any pair of people who are going through a divorce is going to have questions when it comes to the custody of their children, as well a…Read More