Family Lawyers Here to Help Texas Residents

In the state of Texas, legal guardianship is set up for a variety of reasons.

Whether you seek guardianship of a minor child or need to name a guardian for an incapacitated individual, personal guardianship provides for the care and management of an individual or their assets in order to protect them against exploitation or damages.

Referred to as a “ward,” the individual who has been placed under the guardianship of another may have been considered incapacitated due to injury, illness or developmental disabilities. Minor children of good health can also be named wards if they’re in a position of not having their legal and personal rights protected by a parent or other family member.

In order to help you establish legal guardianship or child custody when the circumstances call for it, we make sure that we walk you and your family through the process, eliminate the confusion and frustration, and streamline it in order to get to a fruitful result with as little stress as possible.

By offering affordable family law services to all residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we allow our clients the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that they’ve got a knowledgeable, experienced attorney at law in their corner, working for them.

Protect your legal rights and those rights of your family by finding out more about establishing guardianship and what you need in order to do so by contacting the law offices of Jimmy Carter today.