Information for Filing a Divorce “Pro Se” provided by the Tarrant County District Clerk


Helpful Information
“The Texas Young Lawyers Association published the Pro Se Divorce Handbook to answer many of your questions.
You can read it online at or at Tarrant County Law Library. You can get free divorce forms at Please do not ask the court clerk for legal advice. By law, only lawyers may give legal advice.
The clerks are not attorneys. For legal advice you need to hire an attorney. You can also attend one of the free legal clinic
listed on the attached sheet.

Your Court Date – Wait at least 61 days from the date the divorce petition was filed before you can go to court to get your
divorce. The 61-day waiting period is required by law and there are no exceptions. Call the court secretary at 817-884-1587
to schedule a prove-up appointment. Call a few days before you plan to go to court. At the prove-up appointment, this
happens. Be at the District Clerk’s Office between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m. on your scheduled court date.

Going to Court – Proper clothing is required. Dress as if you were going to a professional job interview. Bring a pen with you.
If you need a translator, bring an adult who is at least 18 years old and fluent in both your native language and in English.
You must attend “Kids First” Program at The Parenting Center before you can see the Judge to get your divorce.
Phone 817-332-6348.

Forms you will need – You must fill out the required forms. Some forms the court will give you in a packet when you file for
divorce. The other forms you can get free at

  1. Waiver of Service. Make sure your Waiver of Service is signed and notarized any day after the petition for divorce is filed. If a Waiver is not signed you must have the other side served with citation by a Constable or Sheriff or by certified mail through the District Clerk’s office. The District Clerk’s office does not provide notary service.
  2. Decree of Divorce. Bring the original and four (4) copies.
  3. Appearance Sheet. Bring only the original.
  4. Information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship. Bring only the original.
  5. Record of Child Support Form. This form can be found at You must complete this form. Bring only the original. After you get your divorce, open your account with the Child Support Office located on the 2nd floor of the Tarrant County Family Law Center.
  6. Order Withholding from Earnings for Child Support. You must have an Order Withholding From Earnings for Child Support. You will need the original and 3 copies of the Order.
  7. Address Change. Please keep the District Clerk’s Office informed of any address change.
  8. Other Cases (Attorney General Cases, etc.). If there are any other cases (pending or closed) concerning the children from this marriage or who are included in your case (such as through the Attorney General’s Office), print the cause numbers for those cases here: Cause# _____”

[This above information has been reprinted here for your information, and this attorney makes no representation as to the
accuracy of the instructions provided by the District Clerk]

Forms are available in Tarrant County:

Filing Fees in Tarrant County can be found using the following link:

The District Clerk in Tarrant County does not accept credit cards.